Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to apply for duplicate election ID Card or voter ID card?

Do you know how to apply for duplicate election ID card or voters ID card? India being a democratic country, election is a normal procedure which brings the real spirit of a real citizen. A Voters ID card is important during the time of casting vote but also it serve as a valid identity proof. The election ID card is issued by the Chief Election Commission which is being distributed by the booth level officers. 

But most of the voters would be worried when their Identity Card gets lost.  As it gets lost, the person would not be able to cast their franchise during the election. So a duplicate election ID card would come for use during the time of election. The duplicate voter card will be issued after filling out the respective forms which can be available for the official website of the election commission. 

How to get Duplicate Election Card?
Voter ID card can get lost while traveling or during a journey. Sometimes the voters ID card can get lost due to misplacement or damage. So now it is time to know how to apply for the duplicate electoral card.
  • File an FIR in the police station and inform that the voter card get lost.
  • Keep the copy of the FIR in hand.
  • Get the 002 form (for issuance of duplicate voter ID card) from the nearest election commission office or from your state election commission’s official website.
  • Fill up the prescribed form.
  • Attach the copy of form to the FIR.
  • A document that certifies your identification proof should be attached. It can be either a copy of your passport, driving license, pan card, or ration card.
  • A document that certifies your place of residence or address should be attached. This can be copy of your gas bill, electricity bill or telephone bill.
  • Submit the form along with the documents to the nearest Chief Election Commission office. After submitting the document, you will receive a receipt.
  • Check the status of the duplicate electoral card online and know when would receive the duplicate ID card.


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